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Fall Semester Robotics Course at MACCLM

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At MACCLM, with the great help of Allah, our summer session robotics workshop program focused on multi grade level introductory components of fundamental and applied robotics. We concluded our summer session of Robotics Workshop and awarded students their certificates in a ceremony.

Our fall program will start on September 28th. We will have small groups of 3-4 similar grade level students for effective learning environment. Each group will meet once a week (12 sessions) about 75 minutes each day. We have four groups for weekdays, so two different groups will once a week; one from 4:00 to 5:15 pm and the other 5:45 to 7:00 pm. If needed, we will have weekend groups as well.

Focusing on both fundamental and applied robotics, we inspire our students in the multiple fields; mechanics, electric machines, mathematics, and programming. As our students build their robot from scratch, they will have a wonderful environment to apply their grade level mathematics. They will build their own algorithms, and implement them in variety of languages.

We realize every student is his/her own, so we are happily able to accommodate everyone. We are arranging the groups based on age, level, and day/time preferences, so everyone gets the best environment to get inspired. We have state of the art machine shop, electric/electronic tools and supplies, as well as the programming platforms. Since students do everything from scratch, they gain very important practical skills. Furthermore, students do construct their own algorithms in which a lot of mathematics is involved. They get very high applied mathematics skills that would support them in fundamental mathematics they learn in their school. We continuously support our students in our community in their STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) education as team members as well as individuals. 

All the groups will identify a technical problem that can be solved with robotics. Applications on space, medicine, transportation or anything potentially improve quality of lives will be implemented, actual robotic system will be built and tested.

Tuition for fall semester is $ 480.00 and it is due by September 27th. We have limited spots and they will be filled in first come first served basis. Registration deadline is extended to September 28th. 

Please contact workshop course director Dr. Atilla Akil for registration and questions at or call 316-461-4640.

Educational Interaction of the Mentor and Students in Robotics Class Session
Educational Interaction of the Mentor and Students in Robotics Class Session