How to Pray and Supplicate to the Allah (swt)


Method of Performing Salah

The method of praying or supplicating to the Allah (swt) comprises of seven physical actions and recitation of Quranic verses and words from the Holy Quran with every physical action as given below;

I. Physical Actions: 

1. Takbir or Intention  2. Qiyyam or   3. Ruku or Bowing   4. Qiyyam or.  5. Sajjdah or Prostration  6. Tashahhyd or   7, Salaam or 

II. Recitation of the Quranic Verses with Every Physical Actions Mentioned Above:

1. Takbir (Allahu Akbar)

2. Qiyyam    a. Sana    b. Surah Fatiha   c. Surah of Choice (at least 3 verses)

a. Sana

b. Surah Fatiha  

c. Any Surah of Your Choice (at least 3 verses)

3. Ruku or Bowing (Subhana Rabbiyal Azeem, 3 times)

4. Qiyyam (Sami Allahu liman Hamidah and Rabbana Wa Lakal Hamd)

5. Sajjdah or Prostation (Subhana Rabbiyal Aalaa, 3 times)

6. Tashahhyd or 

  a. Attahiyaat (Attahiyatu………..Mohammadan abduhu wa rasooluhu)      b. Darood (Allahuma Salle Ala…………Immaka hameedun majeed)   

Note: Darood is recited only in the second rak'ah of 2 rrak'ahs prayer or in the third rak'ah  of 3 rrak'ahs prayer or in the fourth rak'ah of 4 rak'ahs Prayer or Salah after Attahiyaat.  

7. Salaam (Assalaam Alaiukum Wa Rahimatullah)   First while looking at the right side of the shoulder and then on the left side of the shoulder.

The actions from 1-7 are performed twice in 2 rak'ahs (e.g., Obligatory Prayer of Fajr), thrice in 3 rak'ahs (e.g., Obligatory Prayer of Maghrib) and four times in 4 rak'ahs (e.g., Obligatory Prayer of Zuhr, Asr and Ishaa).